YHWH Shammah – The LORD is there

Ezekiel 48.30-35

Scripture gives us only the barest glimpses of what heaven will be like. But one thing we know for sure is that God will be there, and we will never be separated from Him again. It is with that bright vision of eternity that the book of Ezekiel ends.

This is a fitting climax, for it demonstrates that a reversal has occurred in the course of history. Whereas Ezekiel had seen the LORD withdrawing from His temple because of the people’s wickedness, now He has returned to a new temple to live among His people forever. Just as fellowship with God was cut off through sin in the Garden (Genesis 3.22-24), it has been regained in the New Jerusalem – the church (Revelation 21.3).

The assurance of Scripture is that someday we will no longer wonder where God is – we shall be with Him in that city whose name is YHWH Shammah.