Update on Haiti Relief

from Estes Church of Christ, Henderson, Tennessee

Our third relief team is currently in Haiti, helping to fulfill many needs – construction, food organization and distribution, medical needs, transportation, etc. The teams are, of necessity, small because commercial travel is still not allowed into the country and our ways of getting teams in and out of Haiti are limited.

We are also working with John Kachelman of the Judsonia Church of Christ in Arkansas to fill shipping containers bound for Haiti, transported by the U.S. government. John has container-filling points at several locations – one is here in Henderson. The containers we fill here can be earmarked to be delivered to Roberta Edwards for distribution of items there. A container filled with more than 8,000 lbs. of toiletry items, food, mattresses, and medical supplies was recently shipped. We expect to fill another one by the end of February.

Our ministry to the people of Haiti is ongoing and long-term. We appreciate your willingness to help; may God be glorified in all we do in this effort.

[The Westside and Holyoke churches have contributed $2670 to the Haiti relief through the Estes church.]

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