Update from Haiti

from the Estes Church of Christ in Henderson, Tennessee

Attendance at the Santo Church of Christ worship services have been full to overflowing with 21 baptisms in the last three weeks. This last week, Roberta’s children began sleeping inside their house again (they slept in tents outside for several weeks because they feared the aftershocks) and Roberta has started homeschooling duties again.

Roberta and local Haitian ladies normally feed 120 children twice a day through the Santo Nutrition Center, and those activities have begun again. They are feeding around 40 children twice a day – this is in addition to distributing around 3,500 family packs of food each week.

Our ministry to the people of Haiti is ongoing and long-term. We appreciate your willingness to help; may God be glorified in all we do in this effort.

Note: Jesse Robertson of the Estes church is sending regular updates via a Facebook page set up on Roberta’s behalf. You can see the updates at the Gospel Advocate website. Roberta and her school were featured in a recent issue of Christian Woman magazine. The website for the Estes church is http://www.estes.tn.org/