Thirteen Men Who Changed the World

Thirteen men did change the world – thirteen men chosen personally by Jesus of Nazareth. They left the world dramatically different from what it had been before they met Jesus.

How did they do it? They had no financial backing, no elaborate organization, no kind of social influence, no kind of prestige or notoriety, and certainly no kind of political clout. They were outnumbered, persecuted, forbidden to teach or preach, and finally killed.

How did they do it? One answer comes by looking at their lives and asking some questions. Who were they? What were they like? Why did Jesus choose them? God never does anything without a reason. That the Incarnate God chose these men specifically ought to pique our interest. What were the characteristics Jesus saw in them that caused Him to call them to help launch the greatest movement the world has ever seen?

Change the world? The world needs changing. The Gospel of Jesus is a world changing message. He still calls His disciples to be world changing messengers. He’s calling His disciples in our two churches to start with Holyoke and Imperial.