The Year of Jubilee – Leviticus 25.8-10

The Jubilee Year came after seven “weeks” of years or after forty-nine years. It provided a general overhaul of economic and social life to restore people and properties to their rightful conditions. It was meant to be a new beginning, a time when all who had failed to maintain their place in society were given a chance to start over and when all who had benefited from such failures released what they had gained. It was designed to remind the people of their covenant values and that they did not live by bread alone.

The Jubilee Year provided Israel with a delightful prospect after a time of labor and perhaps drudgery. It was the crowning point of all the festive occasions because of its length and its impact. It was a time of release from bondage of all that were oppressed, enslaved, or bound. It was a festival of freedom – not one that commemorated any historical deliverance in the past but one that looked forward to the future.

The themes of rest and release are at the heart of prophetic hope as well, for the great Jubilee Year is a type of the messianic age.