The Changed

“Have this mind in you that was in Christ Jesus…”

“…they took note of them that they had been with Jesus…”

Philippians 2.5 & Acts 4.13

Simon Peter, a loud boastful, impetuous coward, was changed to become the courageous preacher of Pentecost and the rock of strength to which the early church rallied for encouragement and guidance.

John Zebedee, a “son of thunder” who once wanted to call down fire from heaven upon a village that had refused him hospitality, was changed to become the most tender, most compassionate of all the disciples, encouraging his readers time and again that to “love one another” was the true mark of a Christian.

Matthew, a tax collector, and Simon, a zealot, were as different from each other as chalk is from cheese. Under normal circumstances, Simon would have viewed Matthew as a traitor and would have sought opportunity to kill him. Matthew would have viewed Simon as a murdering political fanatic, a terrorist, and would have supported the authorities’ efforts to destroy him. Both were changed to become disciples and fellow laborers in the Kingdom of God.

Saul of Tarsus, a devout young Jewish lawyer, intent on protecting his religious heritage by the imprisonment and execution of those whom he believed were departing from the Jewish law and traditions, was changed to become the first great missionary of the Christian church – a proclaimer of the message he once had tried so hard to silence.

You and I? It’s not important who or what we were, but rather the potential of what we can become through the One who called us to walk in His steps.

What change has He made in your life?

– Bill