Somprasong 4 Newsletter

Beloved in the Lord Christ,

How are you? It was a surprise for the reporter to see that no one from Somprasong 4 had left for Chayapoom to be at the Christian Homestay as planned. Brother Thong-in had telephoned to call off the meeting due to very heavy rainstorms in the North-East. So the team from Somprasong 4 did not get to go there, and SisterSanan will continue to be in Bangkok until the Lord gives a green light for her to make a move.

Please see the following photos taken on Sunday, January 10, 2010.

The Morning Service

Yui.Grace by you.
Yui and daughter Grace on the way up to the chapel

AM Greetings by you.
Greetings in the morning

Wanida, Duang, Pon by you.
Sawatdee kha from Wanida and Duangjai, and sawatdee krup from Taweepon

Ampara by you.
Ampara says sawatdee kha

Tuum, Rang, Weena by you.
Rangsarit (center) brings smiles to our faces with his visit from Chiang Mai.
Neale.Glome by you.
Neale Bryan brought a lesson on Romans 12: 1-2, Acts 4: 19-20, and Daniel 3, with Glomer translating.

AM Table by you.
Fellowship at the Table

Bill McDonough by you.
Bill McDonough, Director, Partners in Progress (PIP), shared his mission experiences with the congregation. PIP has worked in 58 Countries, and is now focusing on four: Cambodia, Myanmar, Guyana, and the Caribbean. Bill makes sure he recruits health care personnel to work on board the Ship of Life wherever he goes. In Myanmar, 20 Christians meet in house churches as it is illegal to hold a meeting with more than eight people. Sister Winsome and her mother are among the faithful worshipers there.

Bill.Marie-Claire by you.
Bill and Marie-Claire McDonough will return to Myanmar as soon as they get their visas renewed. We were greatly encouraged by their presence in the morning assembly.

Kita Singh by you.
Kita Singh has been living in Thailand for over 20 years and has received Christ into her life for about six years, worshiping at Sukhumvit 5. From this year on she wishes to worship with us at Somprasong 4. Please pray for her greater faith.

JulieKibs by you.
Julia Kibs from Uganda is not just visiting but also looking for an opportunity to work in Bangkok.

Pragai.Sam by you.
Pragai translates into English at the morning service, with Sam at the audio-visual system.

Kev.Joy.Chris by you.

Greetings from the Toddlers Corner: Baby Christopher with parents, Kevin and Joy, and their help, Cho.

Afternoon Activities

Baang by you.
A very warm welcome: Baang (Anusara Chanakul) (center) has recently graduated from a university in the South and moved to work in Chonburi (near Bangkok). She will worship with us every Sunday. Her dad, Manit Chanakul,  is a preacher in Songkhla.

Det's noodles by you.
Queuing up for a tasty bowl of spicy noodles from Brother Det in the afternoon

Men's PM by you.
Brother Ponchai leads a Bible study-discussion group as usual.

Young Ladies 1 by you.
An afternoon reading group resumes with Rung (solid green) after her return from the U.S. The young ladies are reading from a famous contemporary author for their spiritual growth.

The Evening Service

Ti PM by you.
Bhiti leads in song and praise.

Glome PM by you.
Glomer (Werakit Chotenukul) brought a lesson on Matthew 8: 25, encouraging the people to give God the glory and put everything else in second place, in Second-place dot com.

Table PM by you.
The Lord’s Supper

PM Greetings by you.
Greetings in the evening

Jo with Hayes by you.
Andrew and Natalie Hayes will be in Bangkok for a month and worship with us morning and evening. They are with Josephine Tangpanit, who has hung around in Bangkok since the Wacharapon Revival early December. Josephine will soon return to Khon Kaen to be with her other children.

Jason. Alisha by you.
Jason Adhikari brought a friend, Alisha Tull from Nepal,  who runs a Nepalese restaurant in the vicinity of the church building.
Ting.Sam PM by you.
Ting translates into English at the evening service with Sam managing the audio-visual presentations.

Greetings from the U.S. of A.

Hendersons by you.
Brother Parker, Sister Donna Henderson, with daughter-in-law Pam, and son Larry (behind the camera) send their love and greetings to all. Brother Parker and Sister Donna in their mid 80s have now retired from their work in Trinidad, and are living on their farm in Florida while Larry and Pam live and work in Abilene, Texas.
I said to the Lord, “You are my Lord; apart from You I have no good thing.” Psalm 16:2

Love from all at Somprasong 4 Church of Christ,

26 Soi Somprasong 4 (Phetchaburi 17)
Ratchathevi, Bangkok 10400
Phone: 66 2 252 8621