Bulletin Articles 01/11/09

The Beatitudes

Search! That’s what life is – a great search. We search for all sorts of things – fame, fortune, good health, knowledge, a wife or husband, just to name a few. Always high on the list of “searched for” items is happiness. The sad part is that too many attempt to find happiness in the wrong places.

An interesting section of Scripture in Matthew’s gospel (5.3-11), just nine verses in all, is devoted exclusively to the subject of happiness. You’ll recognize the familiar name given to those verses – “The Beatitudes.” They are so named because each verse begins with the word “blessed” – a word derived from an old English term meaning “happy.”
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This Week in the Word 01/11/09

This Week in the Word
Reading the Bible together in 2009

Birthrights – Genesis 25.29-34

When Jacob asked Esau to sell him his birthright, he was looking to obtain a position that had both legal and spiritual benefits.

In biblical times, the firstborn son enjoyed a favored position, which was his by right of birth. He was privileged to inherit a double portion of his father’s assets (Deuteronomy 21.17) and could expect to receive a special blessing before the father died. After his father’s death, a firstborn son became the head of the family, carrying on the family name and even acting as the family priest. For whatever reason, Esau failed to realize the importance of his birthright and squandered it for the satisfaction of a moment’s desire.

Bulletin Articles 01/04/09


I love the psychological boost I get from the act of changing the calendar – of writing 9 instead of 8 at the end of 200_. And it’s purely psychological – all in the head! Last Thursday wasn’t a lot different than the Thursday before nor has this week differed radically from the previous 52 – but it is different. It’s the first week of the New Year.

It’s “Starting Over” time… “New Beginnings” time… “Fresh Start” time… “Clean Slate” time. It’s a time for evaluation, contemplation, and expectation – a time for reviewing our work and activities of the past twelve months and a time for planning and preparing for the coming twelve month period. For me, that’s always exciting! Continue reading Bulletin Articles 01/04/09

This Week in the Word 01/04/09

Note: Our Daily Bible Reading program for the year will be The Daily Bible in Chronological Order: 365 Daily Readings arranged and with commentary by F. LaGard Smith and published by Harvest House in Eugene, Oregon. If you do not already own a copy and would like to have one, please let Bill know today. The cost is $15.00.

This Week in the Word
Reading the Bible together in 2009

The Angel of the LORD – Genesis 16.7

The precise identity of the “angel of the LORD” is not specifically given in the Bible. There are both Old and New Testament references to “angels of the Lord,” “an angel of the Lord,” and “the angel of the Lord.” It seems when the definite article “the” is used, it is referring to a unique being, separate from the other angels. The angel of the LORD speaks as God, identifies Himself with God, and exercises the responsibilities of God (Genesis 16.7-12; 21.17-18; 22.11-18; Exodus 3.2; Judges 2.1-4; 5.23; 6.11-24; 13.3-22; 2 Samuel 24.16; Zechariah 1.12; 3.1; 12.8). In several of these appearances, those who saw the angel of the LORD feared for their lives because they had “seen the LORD.” Therefore, it is clear that in at least some instances, the angel of the Lord is a theophany, an appearance of God in physical form. Continue reading This Week in the Word 01/04/09

News & Notes 12/19/08

New Grandson for Merle and Connie: Connie called Jacquie Wednesday morning that she and Merle were on their way to Grand Island because Shane’s wife, Pam, was in labor. The baby wasn’t due until mid-January.

Another phone call from Connie on Thursday let us know that Gage Hunter Griess had arrived about 1 pm CT Wed. afternoon weighing 6 lbs and measuring 19 inches long. Mom and baby are doing fine; Dad Shane is improving from the stress.

Connie and Merle will be venturing on to stay at Jaci’s when the weather permits and will be staying there to visit until probably Jan. 4th before returning home to Champion.

News & Notes 12/17/08

Update from Doug Hartman:

To the brethren in Imperial,

We thank you all for all your thoughts and prayers during Jody’s struggles. We are still waiting for the doctors to tell us when we can go to the Mayo Clinic. We are hoping that will be soon, so we’ll find out what is wrong with Jody so we can either treat or deal with what she has. Thank you again for everything.

The Hartmans,
Doug, Jody, Tucker,  Adia, and Andrew

Bulletin Articles 12/14/08

Mom and Dad:
The Memory Makers

Memories – What a treasured gift, provided they are  good and happy memories; what a sad and sorry lot they are if they are not.

Memories are a part of our heritage. They help define who we are – both the good ones and the bad. We pass the memories of our heritage down to our children while at the same time adding new ones of our own to be included in the chronicles of their lives. Continue reading Bulletin Articles 12/14/08

News & Notes 12/13/08

From Doug Hartman:
12/12, Friday morning: Jody did physical therapy this morning and did very well. She still has some symptoms and a few other things going on, but what an answered prayer! We are still waiting to hear about the Mayo Clinic or Dallas. We’ll let everyone know asap. Thank you all again. Your thoughts, prayers and emails have been wonderful during this.

News & Notes 12/12/08

From Doug Hartman:
12/11 Thursday evening: The doctor was just in. Almost all tests came back negative. We are waiting for referral and appointment at the Mayo Clinic or the Freuman Group (spelling?) in Dallas, Texas to find some answers. Hopefully no more symptoms arrive, and Jody can strengthen up enough to do what is needed to get there. Thank you all for all your thoughts and prayers. We will continue to keep you updated on future events. Hopefully there will be no need to do this daily, if nothing bad happens again.

Westside Church of Christ Imperial, Nebraska