News & Notes

Traveling. Norma Hamm is in Kansas City this weekend with her dad, making arrangements to enable him to stay in his home. She has asked for prayers on his behalf, especially that he will become a Christian.

Community Pantry. August is Westside’s month to donate non-perishable items to the Food Pantry. We’ll provide a box at the beginning of August to collect the foods throughout the month.

Photos at Westside. Smile! Stick around this morning to get your photos taken. We have photos of only a few families so far. Cheryl has promised to let you see the prints before she posts them on the board. Thanks!

Fourth Wednesday Singing. This Wednesday we’ll meet at 6:30 at the Manor to sing for Parkview, Imperial Heights and Manor residents, then gather at the building at 7 p.m. for our joint singing with Holyoke. Pick out some favorite or new songs, and join in the celebration! We’ll have refreshments together after singing.