News & Notes

Summer is definitely here. The temperature reached 106 ̊ yesterday. Wonder if our roofing crew was hard at work out at Maury and Nola’s?

One way to stay cool is to stay wet. That’s what the Wallin kids did yesterday, competing in the state swim meet in Lexington. I don’t have the complete results, but they all turned in outstanding performances, winning several events and placing high in others. One highlight was Makenna’s win in the butterfly, where she set a new record! Well done, guys!

Dale Lingo’s birthday was celebrated belatedly last Tuesday with a trap shoot out at the Grams farm. Hot dogs, brownies, homemade ice cream with fresh strawberries and peaches made for a grand time. Oh yeah. There was some shootin’, too. Among the shooters killing them little traps were “Dead-Eye” Don Hamm and “Wild-Bill” William Lewis.