News & Notes 12/11/08

From Norma this afternoon:
They are releasing my dad from the hospital tomorrow to return to the Manor for his rehab. I’m not sure how long he will be there before returning to his home. I will stay until he is established at home with health care. Thank you for all you’re doing. I know this is where I need to be right now. Miss you and will keep you posted on progress. I do not have wireless at the Manor, but will check my mail frequently at the library. Norma

Excerpts from E-mails from Doug Hartman:
12/9 Tuesday morning: Jody is in a swing bed in Seward waiting for test results to come in. The Wilson’s disease test was negative. She has not gotten any better and still has all the same symptoms, and I think a couple more. She is taking a ton of pills but at least resting well. We continue to thank you all for your prayers during this time.

Tuesday afternoon: They are reducing the meds she is on to see what happens. She has been sleeping pretty much straight through since 7:30 last night. She is unable to feed herself. I don’t know if it is because of the meds but some of the things she has going on now are listed as side effects of the one medication. They also tested her blood to make sure she is not toxic from the meds.

12/10 Wednesday morning: Still no change, at least nothing encouraging. She is very unresponsive and not able to move without being helped. She did follow some small commands like opening her fingers with the physical therapist.

Wednesday evening: Not much change, but she did have a decent afternoon. Her arms are not working right. We are hoping for test results tomorrow. Thanks to all again for thoughts and prayers.

12/11 Thursday morning: Jody is feeling slightly better this morning and walked a little. She is still very tired and having pretty bad pain with breathing. She had a long night and did not sleep well with the pain, but at least her right arm started moving again.

Thursday afternoon:Thank you all for all of your prayers. Jody has had some huge!!!! improvements, with walking, talking and movements, still a little floppy and slow but expected. We still have no answers. Hopefully, all will continue to stay well. I hope to inform you all of some results tomorrow. A very very encouraging day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Gale & Londa McCormick:
Our nephew Brandon Beck came through the surgery well. He is now out of ICU. Very much a Thank You, Lord!!! Please thank everyone for their prayers concerning Brandon. It certainly was and is felt in the peace God has given us.