News & Notes 12/07/08

In Our Prayers: Norma is staying in Kansas City with her dad as an “advocate” for him in rehab. She has taken a leave of absence from work, expecting to stay there another week. Her dad’s address is Eli Taylor, 12919 NW Custer Dr., Kansas City, MO 64152.

Gale and Londa request prayers for their nephew, Brandon Beck, who is scheduled for 6-hour pancreatic surgery in St. Louis this Tuesday, December 9, at 7:30 a.m.

Jody Hartman is still battling severe tremors. They are considering a diagnosis of Wilson disease, which is an inability of the body to rid itself of excess copper (a necessary component of food), which leads to organ damage. She underwent an MRI yesterday morning at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Lincoln; they don’t have the results yet. She may also undergo an EEG on Monday.

Calendar of Events:
Sunday, December 14 – 2nd Sunday Carry-In Dinner at Westside, followed by a business meeting for the men and a gift-exchange party for the ladies at the Bryans’, which will include an ornament exchange and Secret Sisters revealing.