News & Notes 03/01/09

In Our Prayers: Donna Maucher’s visit to the heart specialist in Denver went very well. Tests show no need for any change in her treatment. She and Leanna were able to return home on Friday.

Our Thanks to Carol Schuman and Bob and Jacquie Grams for purchasing song books at Westside. Twenty-three of our books now have gift stickers on the front inside covers.

Thanks also to Jacquie and Angela for preparing communion in March, April and May. Slots are still open for the remaining of the year.

Calendar of Events:
Sunday, March 8 – Westside. Men’s business meeting preceded by potluck.

Meanwhile, the ladies will meet to discuss highlights of the daily Bible readings since February 8. If you haven’t been able to do all the daily reading but want to participate in the discussion, the reading has included Lev. 1-7; 12-27; Num. 15-36; and Deut. 1-26. You may find Numbers 22-24 (Balaam and Balak), Leviticus 13 (Health Regulations) or 21-22 (Rules for Priests) interesting reading.