Mountain States Children’s Home Fall Food Run

For your convenience, we’ve listed requested items below. Please bring items to the church building by Wednesday, October 7. Hope you’ve filled your change cans! They’ll be picked up at the same time. The home also requests selected Campbells UPC labels. A product list is on the bulletin board. Thanks for your generosity.

Food Items: Barbeque sauce Canned beans
Canned chicken/tuna Canned fruit/applesauce Cereal
Coffee Cookies Fruit juice (no tomato)
Green chilies/salsa Lunch size snacks/chips/drinks Mayo/ketchup
Muffin mixes Oatmeal Pancake mix/syrup
Pie filling Ragu Salad dressings
Soups – all kinds Tomato sauce/paste
Non-food Items: Bleach Cold/cough medicines
Dishwasher detergent Flour Liquid laundry detergent
Sugar Toilet tissue Trash bags – all sizes
Vegetable oil/spray Ziploc bags – all sizes

Be sure to check expiration dates.
State regulations don’t allow MSCH to keep any expired food.