Mission Update from Jim and Sara Cox

February 1, 2010

Greetings in the name of Jesus,

Thursday, January 28, was a great day! The Lord had blessed us with a beautiful, warm day. The truck brought the container to be filled with items for Northwest Region 1 of Guyana. We had plenty of help and two skid loaders to get the job done quickly. The work was organized and everything went smoothly. The container was loaded in one hour (we were allowed two)! Finally, the ATV is getting to Bob.

Thanks to all who gave so generously to fill the barrels (56) and boxes (37). Thanks for bringing clothes, Bibles, songbooks, teaching materials, school supplies, other items, and giving money. We praise you for your willingness to give to those who live in poverty. We give God the glory and honor for allowing us to have so much to share.

We will be going down to help Bob distribute the items, Lord willing. Please pray for us, as it will be a most difficult trip. Keep us in your daily prayers. We plan to leave February 15.

May you continue to serve God and praise His name with thanksgiving.


Jim & Sara

[To the Westside church: “Thanks for your generous contribution for the work in Guyana. We purchased Bibles with part of the money. May you faithfully continue to serve our Lord.]