It’s Not a Matter of Greatness – 2 Kings 5.13

Like Naaman, many of us expect God to require something “great” of us in order to satisfy His will. But the insight of Naaman’s servant was that God usually calls people to relatively “simple” obedience.

Naaman balked at washing in the Jordan. In the same way, many believers today balk at seemingly insignificant actions such as prayer, daily meditation in the Word, acts of kindness without regard to person, being honest and truthful – little, ordinary things. Likewise, many unbelievers scorn God’s “simple” requirement of repentance and baptism for salvation – surely God must require more than that!

Yet God is not impressed by greatness; He looks for faithful obedience to what He has asked. Jesus taught that if we are unwilling to show faithfulness in routine, everyday matters, we can’t expect to be given larger responsibilities (Luke 16.10).