“Is there no balm in Gilead”? – Jeremiah

When you think about the world and its people and its problems, is there anything that makes you weep? Is there anything that breaks your heart, that tears you apart with either outrage or anguish?

The prophet Jeremiah felt deep affection for his country. That’s why he was heartbroken when he realized the extent of his people’s sin, and anguished as he foresaw the judgment that was about to befall them. His grief is expressed so frequently and poignantly in the books of Jeremiah and Lamentations that he has been called the “weeping prophet.” Anyone who thinks of a prophet as just an angry malcontent railing against society would do well to consider Jeremiah. His righteous anger was largely fueled by passion for his people.

The world still needs Jeremiahs. As you read Jeremiah’s sobering words, consider whether your heart is sensitive enough to God and tender enough toward others, even people you know, to cry out over injustice, immorality, unbelief, apathy and complacency toward God.