Is God Fair?

Job 27.13-23

Fires – floods – earthquakes – famine – so many people seem to suffer from “acts of God” that strike without warning. Like Job, they appear to be relatively innocent of wrongdoing. People wonder, “Is God fair to let these things happen?”

This was one of the questions with which Job and his friends wrestled. Calamity struck Job and his family for no apparent reason. Why? His friends took the view that God was punishing him for some secret sin. Job disagreed, not only because he felt certain of his own integrity, but because the wicked actually seemed to prosper, not suffer (Job 12.6).

Yet that only brought Job back to the original question: Is God fair? If the wicked prosper, where is justice in the world? Job concluded that the seemingly easy life if the wicked is only temporary; sooner or later it will fall apart. In the end, Job maintained, God would humble the proud and the wicked would be held accountable.

Life isn’t fair. People do not always get what they deserve. But this life is not the end of the story. God Himself will write the final chapter.