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Our missionary in Haiti, Roberta Edwards, along with the 30 children she fosters at the Sonlight Children’s Home are feeding an additional 150 people every day at their home – mostly Christians along with some other neighbors, all of whom have lost their homes. Several families have pitched tents in Roberta’s yard. Because of the work that Roberta does with the Children’s Home and the Santo Nutrition Center (where she normally feeds around 100 children twice a day every day), she had food on the premises and was able to help her fellow Christians and neighbors.

We have been able to get supplies to her via pick-up truck at the Dominican Republic border. She has an artesian well on her property and is able to provide water for the needy. She is caring for several injured in the area as best as she can until help arrives. She states, “We are doing what we can do. I continue to praise God as I look around at the destruction and disaster. Thanks for all that you are doing. I know it is hectic and crazy but things are coming together and for that reason, we just rejoice and keep on working.”

There are also safety concerns. Normally a tall concrete wall with razor wire on top is necessary to provide safety for the home. Our relief mission at this point consists of repairing the walls and structural damage to ensure safety and security for Roberta, the children, and the relief workers we plan to send in, taking care of the medical and food needs of Roberta, her children, and the local Christians and neighbors for whom she is providing shelter and care, and setting up a consistent supply line for getting needed fuel, food, and other supplies to that area safely and quickly. Our intention is to coordinate our aid distribution through our missionary’s facility first and then to incorporate the local congregations as we can.

Our first team of doctors and construction workers should arrive Thursday with the intention of beginning the work listed above. This team is purposefully small because we have to make sure the system is set up for other, larger groups to go. If everything goes well, we will continue to form teams of workers and send them in regularly.

Currently, the best way to help is to send a cash donation (marked Haiti Disaster Relief) to Estes Church of Christ, P. O. Box 191, Henderson, TN 38340. Having these funds available has already proven invaluable to Roberta and her work. Once the evaluation is received from the initial team, the request for donations may change to actual supplies. Also, if you have someone willing to go to Haiti to work on one of these teams, please email us at and we will add you to our list of names and contact you if/when there is an opening. Especially needed are medical professionals and people skilled in construction. We appreciate your willingness to help; may God be glorified in all we do in this effort.

If you would like more information about our continuing work in Haiti – before and after the earthquake disaster relief – email a request and we will send you information.

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