Christianity, the Way

Christianity is the way of life. It is not a set of formal rules to be memorized. It is a way of life that is designed for us to think about and to work at in order to make us progressively better people – it’s called “spiritual growth.”

None of us, at the beginning of our Christian life, knows all about this way of living and usually don’t do a very good job of practicing it. There may be some in this beginning who know a lot of Scripture, maybe even being able to quote large sections of the New Testament, but still be a long way from making Christianity their way of life.

Christianity as the way of life can only come from the interaction of study and practice.
So it may be that one of the greatest mistakes that we make as Christians is to believe that Christianity operates in our lives if we just memorize the rules and are able to quote the rules personally or in a class, or give assent to a teacher when he quotes the rules. This is far from the truth. The truth is that Christianity is a difficult way, but with the greatest rewards that one can have from anything that he does in this life. The business of working every day to make a better life according to the Christian way is without equal.

– Bill