A Place of Honor

Make me a servant, Lord, make me like You,
For you are a servant, make me one, too.

Two brothers, James and John, once approached Jesus and asked Him to grant them the privilege of sitting in the places of honor by His side in the Kingdom. He refused them and used their request to show that to be His disciples they needed to be servants (Matthew 20.20-28).

To become Christ-like is to become a servant. Jesus, although He was God, did not hold on to His equal status with God, but rather came into the world to serve, even to the point of death on the cross (Philippians 2.5-11). We need to follow His example and not seek the places of honor, but rather the places of service.

Paul tells us not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought, but with sober judgment to evaluate our effectiveness in serving others (Romans 12.3-8). We should never see ourselves as worthy of any “place of honor” in the church, but rather as servants of others. In other words, when we examine ourselves it should be to determine how we can be a blessing in serving their needs.

The church is the Kingdom of God on earth. It was established with a purpose and a mission. It is the holy institution through which the Work of God is accomplished on earth. There are no places of prominence in the church, only places for service.

A place of honor has been reserved for each of us in the Kingdom of Heaven and will be revealed when Jesus comes again in glory. However, it will only be granted to those who are now seeking a place to serve in the Kingdom on Earth.

– Bill

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