A Note from the Estes Church

Dear Friends:

Thank you so much for your contribution to the Haiti Disaster Relief effort being coordinated by the Estes congregation. We are utilizing all funds to directly help the Haitian people, especially the work of our full-time missionary, Roberta Edwards, the children she cares for at the Sonlight Children’s Home, the Christians in Port-au-Prince, and the Haitians that Roberta helps feed every day through the Santo Nutrition Center.

With funds received through our congregation, we are helping with re-building projects, attending to medical needs, feeding the hungry, and purchasing fuel, temporary shelter, and other necessities for living.

Our sixth relief team arrives in Haiti this week. Our aid distribution is coordinated through Roberta and her facility and through the churches of Christ in the surrounding area – congregations that we work with on a regular basis through our long-term work there.

Again, thank you for your generosity.
Estes Church of Christ