News & Notes

Home Safe and Sound. Gale and Londa had some anxious moments last week for their son Jared who was in Honduras on a mission campaign. Political unrest there meant Jared’s group had to evacuate through San Salvador for their own safety. By Wednesday night, they were home with their families.

Change Cans. Be sure to pick up a change can for the Change Can Campaign for Mountain States Children’s Home. You might be surprised at how fast your change adds up. The campaign ends in 12 weeks, on October 4, 2009.

Community Pantry. August is Westside’s month to donate non-perishable items to the Food Pantry. We’ll provide a box at the beginning of August to collect the foods throughout the month.

Photos at Westside. Smile! Stick around this morning to get your photos taken. We have photos of two families so far, and would love to get the rest of you in the next couple of weeks. Thanks!